Alfa 6: Ribbon Menu, Ebook Converter, Web Interface and more

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We are happy to release the new version - Alfa 6. And here are the most important new features and changes:

New Ribbon Interface
More suitable like in modern Microsoft applications. With new Books View toolbar.

Ebook converter
It supports the most popular ebook format conversion directions and we'll add more in the following updates.

Web Interface
Alfa already had OPDS web server. Now you can also access your library via customizable web interface in your local network.

OPDS client
It allows to quickly find and add books to your library from public OPDS directories.

Sort by Author
Before now Alfa didn't allow to sort books by author, because one book can have several authors. Now we introduced the primary author for sorting. Besides we created a new extended author card.

Built-in eBook reader
now supports CHM books and ZIP-archived ebooks

Audiobook player
now allows to set the speed


With this update we move to the new platform .Net Framework 4.5. It means that Windows XP will not be supported!
Besides, the database structure is changed. That's why before running v.6, please backup your database! During the first launch v.6 will convert your database. If it's big, you'll see the counter window.

How to get?

This is a major update, and therefore it's paid one. All existing users will receive a link to update with 75% discount - for just $9.95

If you own AEM license and haven't received our Update notification, please contact us at


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Hi, thanks for the update!
I own a license. Can I use the current Rio 50% discount (in addition to standard 75% discount) to get the new version?

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Yes, just enter coupon "discount50" on the checkout page

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Just updated to the new version. Nice new features. But where are the ribbons? I expected something like in MS Office. This here looks similar like in version 5.9.

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Hi Wurlitzer,
The upper menu is in the Ribbon style

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Where can I get the previous version 5.9? I don't like ribbons.

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The previous versions are not available. You can reinstall it if you have the setup file