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Alfa Ebooks Manager integrated with

We are happy to announce that integration plug-in with is ready. is a Dutch online retailer, specialized in books, both Dutch and English. It's the largest and most popular online retailer in the Netherlands.

Our users from Netherlands often requested integration with this site and we know how it's important for book lovers to update books from the most popular local book site. We also plan to develop integration plug-ins for branches: (Germany) and (Italy)

To add the plug-in you can use the auto-update tool in Help -> Check for Updates menu. For new users the plug-in is already included into the setup package.

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New Amazon plug-in is ready. Plus and!

We have dramatically enhanced the Amazon integration plug-in that enables to update book data from this most popular online book store in the world. Until now we provided 4 separate plug-ins for,,, And it was impossible to search on there 4 sites at the same time. Now we developed the universal Amazon plug-in that is more stable and allows to search all these amazon sites at the same time.

Besides, we have added support for and So users from Canada and Japan now can use these additional sources to update book data.

The new Amazon plug-in can be downloaded here.

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Back to school with Alfa Ebooks Manager!

book management for students

Specially for the new school season we announce the new discount program for students. From now all students can save 50% of Alfa Ebooks Manager regular price.

If you are a student, just send request to from your school/university E-mail address or send us scan of your Student Identification Card (or another student document) and we'll provide your the coupon code for the 50% discount.

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What Book Sites you want to add to Alfa Ebooks Manager?

ebook sitesAs you know, Alfa Ebooks Manager allows to update book data from most popular book sites, including Amazon, Google Books, Barnes&Noble, Oreilly and some others.

Now we want to expand this list first of all by national non-English book stores. Please let us know the most popular book site in your country and we'll create the integration plug-in, so that you could update book data from there.

Please use our Google Moderator suggest box (Google account needed) to submit or vote for already submitted book sites. Or if you don't have a Google account, you can leave the book site in comments to this post.

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 1.9 has arrived

ebook catalogueWe are happy to announce the new update - Alfa Ebooks Manager 1.9. It's not so revolutionary as the previous one but includes a lot of small improvements, requested by our customers. Besides, with this update we start adding new design themes, so that the software could better fit your style. The first is DARK THEME. Yes, it's back!

Here is the list of main new features:

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Online Help available

We really like to talk to our customers and always reply to questions that you send us. But we also need some time to develop new features in Alfa Ebooks Manager. That's why we created the Online Help, that's available in the Support section. There you can find answers to most questions about the software that are usually replied by our support.

We will be constantly updating this Online Help basing on your feedback and you'll be able to access it from software's Help menu.

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 1.8 released

ebook organizer We have received a lot of positive feedback during the beta testing and finally we are happy to announce the official release of the new Alfa Ebooks Manager 1.8. We hope, you'll love it and appreciate your support.

Here is the final list of new features:

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AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8 available for existing users

free ebook managerThanks for all, who is taking part in the AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8 beta testing. We have fixed some issues and added some new features requested by beta-testers. In particular, we have added the batch Web Update tool, so you will be able to update multiple books from the Web by ISBN.

We have built the new AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8 demo. It's available for download here. It comes with the sample e-library database. We invite you to test it, and you can still get the free license.

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AlfaEbooks Manager 1.8 Beta. Get a Free license!

Free ebook softwareAt last we are ready to introduce the new version of AlfaEbooks Manager. It's really the new generation of our software, so we decided to increase the version number by one level: from 0.7.5 to 1.8. We have implemented a lot of new features and dramatically improved the software performance. Here are some tips:

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Get Christmas and New Year discount 25%

We are happy to announce the special Christmas Edition of Alfa Ebooks Manager . It provides the same functionality as the regular version, but it's 25% cheaper! Just enter the coupon code "newyear2010" when ordering and get 25% discount. Yes, the coolest book manager, AEM, will cost you only $14.96.

But, hurry up! This fairy tale will finish on January 03, 2010.

If your are waiting for the new AEM version release - don't worry, you will be able to upgrade the Christam Edition for free.

Happy Holidays!


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