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Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.8 Roadmap

Ok, in January we are going to unveil the new major release of Alfa Ebooks Manager. During the last two months we were collecting your feedback and requests and now we can exactly list the new features and changes in the next version of our ebook organizer. One of the most important new features will be new Scan tool, that scans your folders for ebook files and adds them to the database. It will become really powerful and easy to use.

Besides, we decided to create a separate tool for ebook files management. In the current version the Scan tool is used for mass moving, backuping and renaming ebook files, and we replied hundreds of support requests, explaining users, how they can perform all these actions with the Scan tool. We hope that the separate File Manager will make everything clear and our support will relax.

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Alfa Ebooks Manager Crack: Top 3 reasons not to install

Alfa Ebooks Manager CrackLike any popular program, Alfa Ebooks Manager has the cracked version. But unlike most cases when it's possible to use cracked software, our ebook organizer has the perfect anti-hacker protection. Here are the 3 top reasons of why you shouldn't install the hacked version.

1. The other day one of our most active customers reported that he found the cracked AEM version that was distributed with the Spyware agent. And we realized that as Alfa Ebooks Manager needs internet connection to retrieve book information from web-sites, our users allow it to pass through firewall. And it's a perfect opportunity for hackers to embed malware and send your confidential data to the internet. It's our duty to notify you about this danger.

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Alfa Ebooks Manager available on Plimus

As you know, we rely on Shareit as on our primary e-commerce partner. It's the most secure and reliable e-commerce platform that provides a variety of payment and delivery options and guarantees a high quality of service. But it has very strict anti fraud policy, and that's why sometimes our buyers have problems when ordering on Shareit. So, we decided to add a less strict payment option and partnered with Plimus. It offers a safe, secure and flexible buying experience, delivering comfortable access to the best products and services on the Web.

Plimus works with the world's major credit card companies and is checked daily by McAfee Corporation to ensure that they are 100% Hacker Safe. Besides it supports additional online paying methods like PayPal, Google Checkout, Bank Transfer, Wire Order, E-Check, or using your credit card to order via phone or fax.

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Alfa Ebooks Manager is compatible with Windows 7

windows ebook organizerAs Windows software developers we are looking forward to the Windows 7 release on October 22. And we have already prepared for this event. Today we have finished our tests for our e-book manager compatibility with the new operation system. The tested version was current Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7.5. As it works on top of .Net Framework (3.5 or higher), we almost had no problem with its adoption to Windows 7. Besides, Windows 7 by default contains .Net Framework 3.5, so our ebook software will work on most computers without the need to update the platform (the problem that we had with Win XP).

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7.5 - the new version of our ebook software

Today we have released a new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7.5. Here are the most interesting updates in the software:


google books integration

Of course any book lover has favorite books that should be stored separately. Until now you were able to create book ratings and access the best books by sorting the whole e-library using the Rating option. But, it's not suitable in some cases. Now we added the Favorites section, that allows to display these ebooks that you can manually select. Unlike the Selection feature, Favorites tool doesn't provide group operations, because you probably don't have a hundred of favorite books. To add a book to Favorites just make a right click on it and select "Add to Favorites" in the context menu. To remove book from the Favorites - click on "Remove from Favorites" in the right-click menu.

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Important! Amazon is changing its API policy!

Amazon - is the most popular online book store among Alfa Ebooks Manager users. With the help of Amazon search plugin we are able to retrieve book data (title, ISBN, description, covers, etc.) and save it to the ebook database software. That is why most of us should pay attention to the upcoming changes in Amazon API.

Since August 15, 2009 all calls to Amazon API will require authentication. But the Amazon plugin that was distributed in our free Alfa Ebooks Manager (0.1-0.6) and paid version Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7 is sending requests with our AWS Access Key ID without being signed. These calls to Amazon API will not be processed after August 15, 2009.

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How to integrate Alfa Ebooks Manager with your favorite book site?

As you know, our ebook collection software can retrieve book data from the Internet. This feature is implemented in form of integration plugins. As of today, Alfa Ebooks Manager contains 8 plugins for most popular online book libraries in the world (Amazon, Google Books, etc). We constantly receive a lot of requests to integrate the ebook software with other book information sources and develop new plugins that are requested more often. But we understand that this is not enough to keep all our customers happy.

So, we decided to offer a new service of custom plugin development. If you have a favorite site and want to retrieve book information from there, please contact and provide us the book site url. If your book site meets our requirements, we'll send you a payment link and the preliminary estimate of how soon we can deliver you the custom plugin.

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7.1: e-Library should be beautiful

Today we are happy to announce that the brand new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7 has arrived. Yes, its not free anymore, but you will forget about this when you give it a try. We totally redesigned the software interface. Now you will be really able to impress your friends when showing them your e-Library. You can select the e-Library layout and color scheme that better fits your style.

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Next version of Alfa Ebooks Manager software will not be free

Dear friends!

For almost three years we provided our ebook catalog software for free. The software has become very popular among book-lovers, schools, clubs and business libraries all over the world and every day we receive a dozen of new feature and support requests. So, now we need to invest additional resources in its support and futher development. That's why the next software version Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7.1 (that is scheduled for June 10, 2009) will become commercial and will cost $19.95 for the life-time license.

Nevertheless, the current software version Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.6.4 will remain free for all with limited support. It will be available for download on our website and will support all the plugins that enable retrieving book data from the Web.

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Hello world! We created a new Alfa Ebooks Manager website

Hello, and let me introduce you the new Alfa Ebooks Manager website and Blog.

As you noticed, we have changed the old site design, and this is our first step towards great changes in our project. First, the new design will better fit the style of the newest version of Alfa Ebooks Manager, that is scheduled for the middle of June. Besides, in few days, we will announce some important news, regarding Alfa Ebooks Manager future.

We started this Blog to announce all the changes that take place in our project and our ebook library software. But it will be not just boring corporate blog. We'll try to cover here all the news that could be interesting for ebook collectors. You can subscribe to our RSS channel to kept abreast of the latest developments in ebook creation, management, distribution.


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