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Alfa 7: Web Reader, new Web Interface, Autoupdate and more

Dear friends,
We are happy to introduce the new major version - Alfa 7. Here are the main new features:

Web Reader
Web Reader is available in the web interface. It allows to open and read pdf, epub, mobi, fb2, djvu, txt ebooks in browser in your local network. It supports also mobile browsers, so you can read from your phone. The Web Reader bookmarks the last opened page for each book in browser's cookies. It also provides familiar options like text size, font, line height and others. And TOC is also available.

New Web Interface
We polished the Web Interface, adapted it for mobile screens, added new sections for browsing your library. We also added Web Server autostart option and authentication for protected access in the local network.

From now you can get new features and bug fixes as fast as they come in minor releases. The software will notify you that the update is available and if you wish - download the new version.

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Alfa 6: Ribbon Menu, Ebook Converter, Web Interface and more

We are happy to release the new version - Alfa 6. And here are the most important new features and changes:

New Ribbon Interface
More suitable like in modern Microsoft applications. With new Books View toolbar.

Ebook converter
It supports the most popular ebook format conversion directions and we'll add more in the following updates.

Web Interface
Alfa already had OPDS web server. Now you can also access your library via customizable web interface in your local network.

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New Import from Calibre


As we see more and more users switching from Calibre to Alfa, we decided to create a new "Import from Calibre" tool. Until now Alfa allowed to scan Calibre library but now it imports book data right from the Calibre database. The full book metadata is imported.

You can find this new tool in the menu: File -> Import from -> Calibre

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Alfa 5.9: Improved Scan, Reader and Audiobook player

Meet the new Alfa 5.9. It's a free update, but includes some very important features:

We refactored scan to make it more quick and stable. Now Alfa creates cache (like a search engine), so when you rescan your library, the process goes very quickly. It means, that if you download some new ebooks, you can quickly rescan your library and add them to Alfa. Besides, if something occurred during scan and the process was interrupted, you'll be able to start from the breakpoint.

The cache is located here: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Alfa.NetSoft\Alfa eBooks Manager\Cache\

You can clear the cache using the appropriated button in the Scan window.

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Alfa 5.5 features built-in ebook reader, new Web-integrations

Audio Book manager

Dear Friends!

We are happy to introduce you the new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager - 5.5. We fixed some bugs and added some new features that were most requested. This is FREE update, and you can get the download link here:

First of all we added built-in Ebook reader. Ok, mostly it would be used not for reading, but for viewing books on your desktop. It can open the following formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2 and comic books (CBR, CBZ). By the way, we added comic book support to Scan and other tools. To activate the internal reader - you need to set the appropriate checkbox in Settings.

Besides we have built some new Web-integration plug-ins:

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 5: OPDS Web Server, Multiple files per book, Audio Player

Audio Book managerDear users!
We are glad to introduce you the new version Alfa Ebooks Manager 5. In this release we fixed some bugs and added a bunch of new usefull features. Here is the list of them:

OPDS Web Server
From now you can access your library, browse, search, view and download your books via LAN or Wi-Fi from any computer or mobile device. You can use a browser or one of ereading apps that support OPDS standard.

Multiple files per book
Now you can link two or several ebook files to single book in the database. This is useful for books that have several parts, or copies in different formats, or audiobooks.

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Import your books from Bookcat to Alfa with 2 clicks

Unfortunately the book collection software Bookcat was discontinued. But luckily there is Alfa Ebooks Manager that you can use instead. We received a lot of queries to create import from Bookcat, and now it's ready.

Just click File -> Import -> Import from Bookcat and select your Bookcat database (MDB) and you'll be able to move your book records to Alfa in two clicks (Load + Save). You can also filter books by Genre, Publisher and Series, if you want to split your database into several parts.

Import from Bookcat is available in free version.

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Bloggers, get Alfa for Free!

free ebook program

If you have a blog (especially if it's dedicated to reading and books), we have a good idea for you. Maybe it would be interesting for your readers to find out about Alfa Ebooks Manager? Why not?

In this case, we can provide you with a free Alfa license, so that you could evaluate our software by yourself. And if your blog is very popular - we can even create a discount coupon for your readers.

So, please send request to

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 4: New design, Book details pane and other features

book management appHello!
At last we have finished the new version and hope you'll like it. As usual we added the most demanded features and fixed several bugs. Here is the list of the main new features:

New sleeker design
Content is the King! We followed this trend and now your library will get more space and more attention.

Book details pane
View book details, description, TOC and even similar books from Amazon while browsing your library

New cooler 3D View
View books in 3D on full screen with author pics on the back cover

File Finder
If you move your ebooks and covers to another drive or computer - this tool will help you easily restore actual file paths

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Our first Windows 8 (Metro) app is in the Windows Store

Today our first Windows 8 (Metro) app - Gooreader has been approved and added to the Windows Store. Recall, it's an app for reading Google Books with pleasure.

You can get this app here:


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