Small business digital library software

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Many companies create digital libraries to provide their employees access to useful books. It allows them to better solve everyday tasks and develop their professional level. Especially it's actual for companies with large number of managers, sales persons, developers, science workers. Besides, electronic libraries are often used in educational organizations, medical centers, government organizations and marketing departments in large enterprises.

[b]Alfa Ebooks Manager[/b] is used in thousands of small businesses for creating such digital libraries. Besides the full-featured set of tools for managing ebooks by library admin, it includes built-in Web Server for providing access to corporate library in the local network.

Alfa's web interfaces allows to quickly find needed book or browse the library sections in search of something interesting for professional development. Built-in Web Reader allows to open and read books right in web-browser.

It also supports mobile browsers, so your employees can comfortably read books on their Android phones and iPhones.

You can add your logo and customize the Web interface in your corporate style and link it to your intranet portal. Besides, you can set authentication to limit access to the corporate library.

Alfa Ebooks Manager is absolutely affordable for small business. One server license allows to create a business library for unlimited number of employees. Please download the full-featured trial version here: