ebook files with several entries in DB

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ebook files with several entries in DB

I am having a hard time cleaning up my ebook library. I found out that I have several entries of the same ebook file which are counting as independent ebooks. This means that my total amount of ebooks shows triple or even quadruple of the real ebooks number that I have. Could you please let me know an efficient way to clean all these duplicates up? I can go title by title showing the file location to check which entries are pointing to the same file, but this is going to take me ages to finish them all. Any advice will be highly appreciated.
P.S., I am sorry it there are already other post about this, I could not find a way to search through the forum for them.

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Hi Peter, in the left pane (Library Explorer) - find the Duplicates section -> Book File

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If I add books to my database folder, as new books, I need to scan and add them. When doing this, all the existing books are duplicated. So I end up with the same problem as peter.
I see how to find duplicates and laboriously delete them . . . too time consuming.
How do we scan for new ebooks added to the book folder without then ending up with duplicares>

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in the Scan window you can remove duplicates before adding them to database