Alfa Ebooks Manager is a free program that allows to organize your electronic and paper books in single e-Library

Ebook organizer software

Probably, if you are reading this article, you collect ebooks. And of course, if you come across some free interesting ebooks in the Internet, you will save them to your computer because, well, they are free. In result you have dozens of these free and paid ebooks on your hard drive and it becomes more and more difficult to keep them organized. At first you save all ebooks in one main folder, then you separate and categorize them into different subject folders. But what if you have some hunderds of these ebooks? And what if you want to change the e-library structure? What if you want to keep book reference data somewhere? That is the moment when you should think about book organizer software like Alfa Ebooks Manager.

What is ebook organizer?

Ebook organizer - is a software for electronic book management. It usually contains ebook database and user interface, that enables to add ebooks, update ebook information, organize ebooks by author, category, genre or something else and quickly find needed ebook. Ebook organizers usually support most popular ebook formats, such as txt, chm, ppt, djvu and pdf. Ebook organizer can also create ebook previews and even ebook 3D models.

Ebook organizer

Of course, you will ask how much time it will take to enter all your ebook collection from hundreds of folders to the organizer database. Fortunately, some ebook organizing tools enable to automate this process. For example, in Alfa Ebooks Manager you just need to select the root e-Library folder and choose possible file types of your books. The software will scan the folder and subfolders and create an organized list of all your ebooks in the database.

Ebook organizing

Ebook organizing tips

To create a well-structured book database first of all you should define categories - parameters by which you will organize (sort and filter) the ebooks list. The most common categories for ebook organizing are: author, genre, publisher, series, ISBN. You may also consider such parameters as ebook publish year, ebook add date, ebook rating, ebook file folder.

ebook organizer software

Organizing ebooks in Alfa Ebooks Manager

To organize your ebooks, just need to enter or update from the internet the following information about each ebook:

* eBook title
* eBook author
* eBook genre
* eBook series
* eBook publisher
* eBook description
* eBook ISBN number

The software will automatically organize your ebooks according to these parameters. And you will be able to search the database by each parameter. Besides, your can rate your ebooks. If you want to prune your ebook collection, the rating makes things easier. If you have two ebooks on the same subject, and one only has 2 stars, while the other has 4 stars, you pretty much know which one to get rid of.

ebook library organizer

Ebook organization: File management

When you get your book data organized in the ebook organization software, you'll probably want to optimize the folders with ebook files as well. But is it possible to do it quickly in the same software? Not always. But it is very easy with Alfa Ebooks Manager. You can create a "Ebook Selection" - imagine that this is a cart where you can put books from different bookshelves. And then you can move the cart to the needed place and put all these books together somewhere.

In this way you can move ebook files from one folder to another on your hard drive, LAN, or even to flash drives and other external memory devices. And you do all this right from the software interface!

Personal e-book organizer vs group e-book organizer

As usual collecting ebooks is a personal occupation, thats why most ebook organizing programs are personal ones. But sometimes (most often in business e-Libraries) it's needed to share single e-library database across the local area network. And it's very easy to do with AlfaEbooks Manager that uses industry standard database and platform. You just need to store the database .mdb file somewhere in the intranet and connect your copy of software to it.

Free ebook organizers

In the internet you can find few free ebooks organizer programs. We also provide AlfaEbooks 0.6 as ebook organizer freeware. But you should take into account that most of free products do not garantee that your ebook library will be safe. Imagine that all your efforts in ebook database organizing, all the books data, that you collected from different sources and entered to the database are lost. Besides, commercial ebook organizing software usually provide much more features for ebook library management, security and organization. So, our advice: best ebook organiser - is commercial ebook organizer.