Adding eBooks from External Media/HDs

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Adding eBooks from External Media/HDs

Hello AEM Fellows,

I have lots of (and that means, it goes to more than ten thousand) eBooks scattered in different folders /zip files of hard disks. There are 4/5 hard disks like this...
I know how to add eBooks to AEM with 'scan directory', but it's taking a lot of time... Lot of time in the scale of 4 to 5 hours just to scan a single external hard disk.
Is there any simple (means quicker and easier) way in which you can add those ebooks. Is there any strategy by which we can reduce the time to scan those eBooks?

Thanks in anticipation for a reply.


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Hi, the scan speed considerably depends on scan options.
If you uncheck all options in the Scan - it will be very fast.
In particular the option to search ISBN in book content takes a lot of time.

p.s. you can use Tools -> File Parser to retrieve the metadata that you haven't added while scanning