AEM as a Document Manager

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Mr Reese
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AEM as a Document Manager

I have literally thousands of personal and work-related documents. I thought I would give AEM a go as a document manager; I think it could work.

That said, as I scanned through documents, AEM would give an error when attempting to scan a fillable PDF form:

"Debug Error!

Program ...Files (x86\Alfa.NetSoft\Alfa eBooks Manager 5\mupdfnet32.dll
Module ...Files (x86\Alfa.NetSoft\Alfa eBooks Manager 5\mupdfnet32.dll

Run-Time Check Failure #3 - The variable 'exp' is being used without being initiated.

(Press retry to debug the application)"

I have to abort, which automatically closes AEM.

Any ideas?

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I guess these PDF docs don't have metadata
In this case you can uncheck all options in the Scan (iSBN search, metadata retrieval, cover retrieval) and scan your library. The error shouldn't appear