AEM Not Saving Changes

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AEM Not Saving Changes

After having spent over two long hours laboriously updating eBook information from the web, I closed AEM and shut down my PC.
Later in the day, having restarted my PC, I opened AEM to find that none of the changes that I had made earlier had been saved.
I couldn't believe it!
So , as a bit of a trial, I updated just one book, I then closed AEM, re-opened it and happily the change had been saved.
Great I thought, just a one-off glitch, but to make absolutely sure, I updated another book, then closed and reopened AEM and guess what? The changes had not been saved.
This is a total deal breaker for me because if I can't depend on AEM saving the changes, and as the programme stands I obviously can't, then Alfa eBooks Manager is no good to me.
Can you please suggest a solution to this problem before I give up with Alfa eBooks Manager altogether?

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Peter, please check is that are certain books updated from the certain site that are not saved, or it's a random process?
Is the book data saved when you close a Book Card?
Until now we have no such complaints that book data is not saved

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Okay, well as my native language is English I have set Alfa eBooks Manager to search on the following sites:

Amazon, USA
Amazon. Canada
Amazon, UK
Barnes and Noble, USA
Google Library, USA

I have tried different books with each of these different sites in turn.
When I click Update and then close the Library Card, the information appears to be saved, ie a thumb-nail has been added, book description and details have been added, etc.
If I then close and re-open AEM, the information, thumb-nail, description and details have all disappeared.
This happens more often than not, but occasionaly AEM does indeed save the information when the programme is re-opened.
The trouble is I can't depend on it doing that, so for the time being at least, I have gone back to using Calibre which is a disappointment to me as I had high hopes of AEM.

I am using Windows 7 and I am using a USB 8Gb thumb-drive as storage for my books and AEM Library.
I have checked the plug-ins for updates and they are all up to date currently Version
My version of AEM Pro is
Up until yesterday (16th August) I didn't have a problem.

Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks, Peter.

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Well do you have any suggestions?

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Peter, could you copy the database from USB drive to PC and check if the data is saved?

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Okay, I've done as you suggested and I now have AEM's DataBase saved to the 'C' Drive of my PC.
I've tried updating and saving information on a couple of books and all seems OK! Phew!! :)
I'll try more books and get back to you tomorrow (Tuesday) on how things are going, but for now (fingers crossed) all seems good.
Thanks again, Peter.