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alfa with koha

will alfa work in wine? im looking to integrate a linux file structure into a text file for export so i can use alfa to manage the books, and generate CSV lists with the isbn and filepath for export to MARC to use with koha

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I don't think they are fully compatible but you can save txt file as csv, edit columns in excel and import csv to Alfa

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ok, here is what i have done to integrate alfa into my workflow: for this you will need MarcEdit and Excel. I have to go through this because going straight from an alfa CSV to MRK/MRC screws up the data.

SUGGESTION FOR NEXT RELEASE: MARC export and WorldCat integration

1. import your books into alfa. i ran the books through 3 services: google, amazon, and isbndb. this ensures that your isbn is correct (amazon can return bad isbns). this also gets a description, publisher, publishing date, summary, genres, etc.
2. remove or edit any genre with a comma. (you will see why in a bit
3. export the library to CSV
4. open the csv in excel and move the genre column to the column for Custom1
5. check the genre column, and remove comma's or bad tags (sometimes isbndb will return genres like " -- ")
6. select the whole column and then goto Data>Text to columns>Delimited>Comma>Text>Finish (this is why we had to remove the commas earlier)
7. Save file as .XLS
8. open MarcEdit, and select Export Tab Delmiited Text, and set the source file as the XSL you jsut saved, set your output file, and excel sheet name
9. in the next window, set up your marc values and templates (im not going to go into this, but there is a video here to show you how to set it up. )
10. dont forget to add enough 655$a fields and to save your template! i have ~20 655 fields in my template, tho they never all get used.
11. export the MRK file, and goto MarcTools in marcedit, select the MarcMaker, adn convert the MRK file to MRC
12. upload to koha and stage the file

hope this helps :)