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I've just started using AEM ( Pro), and I have a few questions:

1) Can the author list in the Library Explorer be configured to display "[first] [last]", rather than "[last], [first]"?

2) When I open the book card for a book, and select the Author tab, I can view an author, but I cannot seem to edit an author. Is there a way to edit author details from the book card?

3) I may have found a minor bug in the author display of the Library Explorer. If you delete an Author via the Book Card, the book count seems to not be immediately updated.

4) When I enter a new author, is there a way to auto-complete against existing authors?


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Tested all your questions and I can confirm in my version (Alfa eBooks Manager PRO that it behaves as you said. I think this should be another feature request:

- Possibility to change the display order in the author list
- Possibility to edit authors via book card with auto-complete from the existing ones in the database.

and BUG to solve:

- Refresh the Authors list (or the lists in the Library Explorer) when changes the items database.


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Thanks, we'll consider these features for the next version