Duplicate books in Library -- Database ???

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Duplicate books in Library -- Database ???

I did read the FAQ and google for an answer without any luck. I have used Calibre for my eBooks. The problem I have with Calibre is that it creates a copy of the books in the Calibre Library. This is OK with eBooks. I now have a number of audio-books (MP3) that I want to manage. Since the MP3 files are much larger than the EPUB files I do not have the disk space for the duplicate copies (that Calibre creates) of the books.

1. Does Alfa create copies of the book or only an index (database) of the location of the book?

2. Can I change the location of the Alfa database?

3. A number of my MP3 files are on external hard drives. After I scan the HD, can I disconnect the HD and then Alfa will still tell me the location of the book? This way I will know to connect the proper external HD to retrieve the book.

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Hi TenOC,

1. No
2. Yes
3. Yes, but when you add a book from the USB-drive and then open it, the USB-drive letter should be the same

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Hello TenOC,

I also recommend DuplicateFilesDeleter. You can choose to remove the detected duplicate or original files. The program is multi-threaded and performs scans quickly.Give Easy to access and 100% accuracy!