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FEATURE REQUEST: Full text search

Hi there,

I am a happy user of the best e-book management application, namely AEM Pro

I have a feature request: It would be nice if AEM could search inside e-book files, i.e. not only inside its database fields like Title, Description, Publisher etc...

Here are my proposals:

1) The following file types should be supported: PDF, CHM, EPUB, DJV(u)

2) AEM could do:
a) one-time full scan of all the files in order to build the Index which should be stored in the AEM database for the later use by the Search engine
b) phrase search in all the files per request
c) both above

Index should be configurable:
3) KEYWORDS for the Index could be:
- automatically built by AEM or
- could be manually added or
- maybe even downloaded form the Internet (e.g. find me on the internet all the keywords relevant for the subject "CMOS digital design" or "Windows programming").
For example if one wants to limit the Index on the keywords relevant for Windows programming he would want to see keyword "PE-COFF" in the Index

4) Size of the Index should be manually set (with the default value set be AEM)

5) One should be able to edit the Index (add, delete keywords or extend the Index with massive load of the new keywords relevant for a new subject of interest)

I know that AEM has built-in PDF reader. If AEM has PDF engine for viewing files it could also extend that engine to search inside PDF. This should also be supported for other popular e-book formats.

This idea could definitely be elaborated/specified further...

best regards from Croatia/ Igor

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Thanks Igor, we'll use your ideas if we decide to add text search