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Feature requests: Data fields & other stuff

First of all: thank you for your fantastic software that helps me so much to bring some kind of order into my ebook collection. Nevertheless there is always some room for improvement. Here are my requests for the next version:

- more author data in the database, e.g. date/city of birth & death, country, link to the author's page on Wikipedia
- possibility to filter authors according to country
- author details view

- most urgent data field: series number
- possibility to write "series" and "series number" into the epub tags
- possibility to read "series" and "series number" tags from Calibre
- data field "language": items in dropdown list are not localized, list should be editable; multilanguage books are not covered until now
- request for additional data fields: translator, original title, original title, original language, original publication date, Read Yes/No (can be realized via Checkbox) + Reading date, collection status (in collection, ordered, wanted etc.), credits & characters (according to Book Collector software), weblinks
I have to admit that some of this data field requests can be realized using the custom fields. But calendar dates for example are not easy to handle with it.

- Possibility to format data in the description field in a consistent way (font, size etc.) I very often copy text from Wikipedia or other sources in the web and every book description has another format afterwards.

- List view: possibility to edit the listed items of a book (out of all available data fields)

Bye Byte & Happy Coding

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Thanks, Wurlitzer
We'll consider your ideas for the next version