Feature Requests: Working With Kindles

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Feature Requests: Working With Kindles

First request: Make it easy to return to most used locations, perhaps by introducing bookmarks, to easily return to our main library (or libraries) as well as when we need to move books to our attached device (Kindle). It uses the last used location, but plugging in a Kindle means having to use the system dialog to navigate back up to My Computer, find the Kindle Drive, navigate to the Documents folder.

Second request: Can we treat the Kindle as a device that we use to read our ebooks away from the screen, so that our hardware devices have better integration? I'd like to see ereader devices like the Kindle treated intelligently by the software and not a separate external hard drive that we have to manually:

  1. Connect Kindle via USB
  2. Select needed books in Alfa
  3. Open Books -> File Manager -> Copy tab
  4. Select Kindle/Documents as destination folder - would be easier with bookmarks :)
  5. Press OK

Why not a simple "send to Kindle" button for selected books?

Also, epubs have to be converted manually for use with the Kindle: http://www.alfaebooks.com/help/convert_ebooks

Ideal: when Kindle is plugged in, we just select the books we want and say "send to Kindle". The .mobi & .azw3 files should be copied to the device as is, and .epub files should be converted as necessary ONTO THE DEVICE. The program right now makes us create Kindle versions of epubs, which clutters our hard drive. I only want to read these ebooks on the Kindle, I don't want to also create a doppelganger of the Kindle file that clutters my hard drive. Also, both versions must be sent to the Kindle (I didn't see a way to unselect the epub in the move operation).

If this is not on your roadmap, then please at least give us a right-click option "show ebook in windows explorer" so that we can quickly zap a .mobi or.azw3 ebook to our Kindle device using Amazon's free Kindle utility.

But .epubs are a different story. The whole reason I moved away from Calibre to Alfa is because I like to organize my files on my hard drive. But the extra files created by the .epub conversion process, as well as the rote tedium of moving them onto the Kindle, means I'm likely to move all my .epubs back to Calibre. With its wireless sync and automatic convert-and-send functionality, it's actually very good at integrating with a Kindle, but I'll have to live with my epub files being copied deep inside Calibre's database.

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Thanks, we'll consider your ideas for the next version