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help for importing please

I recently purchased the pro version. I have many thousands of books. The file names are in the format "title - author". When I try to scan the books, the program imports each file with the title being the entire file name. I tried the file manager but it lists all my files in red so I can't change them. How do I get the program to recognize the file name format and correctly enter the titles and authors?

I have been trying for ages without any success. The program is useless to me if it won't do this.

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Hello and Merry Christmas
Book titles can't be parsed from file names (separated from author) because there may be too many combinations

You can:

1. Parse book titles and authors from ebook metadata using Books -> File Parser. The following formats are supported: PDF, MOBI, AZW, MP3, FB2, LRF, EPUB, DJVU.

2. Retrieve ISBN numbers from ebook metadata or content using File Parser and then automatically get titles and authors from the Web.