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Import from BookCat

Hi. I have eBooks Manager Pro and my problem is that I cannot import correctly a BookCat database.
The problem is that the "Import from BookCat" window does NOT import the ISBN of the ebooks although they certainly exist in the original mdb file. It loads only a few random ISBN (about 10%). My database has almost 1600 records.

Could you please help? This bug is so frustrating because I cannot update the ebooks from the web at a later step!

PS: Please have in mind that this import filter is the principal reason from moving to Alfa!
PPS: To reproduce the error try the sample.mdb from BookCat installation. This file features 36 records with 28 ISBN values. Alfa Manager successfully imports only 14!
Moreover it seems strange that the image in has so many empty ISBN fields.

Thanks again for your valuable help!

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Hi, please send us your database sample.mdb to

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Thanks for the wonderful support! Problem solved.