"Move to Folder" operation fails in AEM PRO

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"Move to Folder" operation fails in AEM PRO

After I import few books I press "File Manager..." button in order to change file names. The operation performs successfully. I then press Move tab in the File Manager window in order to move the renamed files into the destination folder. However the files are showed in red meaning that the program does not allow me to move the files (Start button is disabled). Please note that the destination folder does not contain files with the same name.

I then close the File Manager window and then reopen it by pressing "File Manager..." button again. This time files are not in red thus Move to folder operation performs successfully.

There is no application error reported but the bug is visible anyway.

The problem was not visible in the AEM 4.x.x.x. version.

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BalkanBear, most probably you have an issue with .Net Framework compatibility. Please send us the screenshot of the error to support@alfaebooks.com

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Could you tell me what you mean with " issue with .Net Framework compatibility"?

AEM is advertised as .Net 4.0 application and I have .Net 4.0 framework installed with all the latest patches. I also have other .Net applications installed and they work correctly.

I am sending you the screenshots.

In the screenshots you can see that I successfully renamed original file name:

978-0-13-489725-7 Ivar Jacobson-Object Oriented Software Engineering_ A Use Case Driven Approach-Addison-Wesley Professional (1992).djvu

(ISBN 9780134897257).djvu

However note that the MOVE operation is forbidden (Start button disabled) and the name of the file to be moved is the old name not the just renamed new name.

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