Moving Books from Alpha to Kindle

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Moving Books from Alpha to Kindle

Is it possible to move books from my Alpha Library to my Kindle?


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Yes, sure.
1. Connect Kindle via USB
2. Select needed books in Alfa
3. Open Books -> File Manager -> Copy tab
4. Select Kindle/Documents as destination folder
5. Press OK

Marcin Ostrowski
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Hello I have bought the Premium version but cannot use the File Manager. It says I need to get "Pro" to use it.
However, on the "Compare Editions" page I can clearly see "Manage Kindle" under "Premium".
Am I doing something wrong? Please advise.

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Hi Marcin,
Yes File Manager is available only in the Pro version. But you can manage ebooks on your Kindle in the Premium version.
The difference is that File Manager allows group operations, and Premium - allows manually copy/move/rename each book