Moving database from one computer to another

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Moving database from one computer to another

I am trying do move the database from one computer to another. In computer A, the filepath is D:/books/etc and in computer B is C:/books/etc.

I just need to change the filepath because the structure is the same.
I used filemanager -> move tool, but wont help because it excludes some root folders (I want to keep the same folder structure).
And i used tool -> filefinder. But it doesn´t work as well beause it has just found something like 25% of the entire collection...
If I could just batch edit de database file (changing the c:/ for d:/ ) it would solve the problem, I think. But I don´t know how to do that as well.

Anyone can please help?

Best regards.

update: when I moved the file folder from "c:\users\usename\dropbox\books\" to "c:\dropbox\books\" it found 95% of the books correctly with filefinder tool. Maybe it has something to do with filepath size....

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Hi, if the path on a drive is the same - just open menu Lookups -> Drives and replace the drive letter and serial number

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As one who works on several computers this option is lame. Couldn't you make something like relative paths? This is the most sound option when one stores the data on an external HD.