Need to change to different drive to save

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Need to change to different drive to save

First, I can't find the screen to manually back-up my data any time I want to. I'm using this software for hours at a time and I want to back it up every 30 minutes. Now, when I exit, it backs up the data to my C drive. I need it to always store data on my E drive and use that drive for any emergency recovery. I had the same problem with Calibre (choice of drives to manage data) and recently lost much of my data because I could not restore. I also need to back-up to thumb drives twice a week so I can store the data off site. Why is this so hard for E-Book software? Put an icon that says "save" in the tool bar and allow the user to click once and have it happen. Software I used in 1987 had this feature and now it's 2017.

Thank you for your help

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Alfa saves data automatically after each book card is closed.
But if you mean creating additional database copy, for now you can do it only manually