Observations (or bug reports and feature requests)

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Observations (or bug reports and feature requests)


I bought aem recently mostly for the file manager functionality. I've been a long time user of Calibre up till this point but finally got too annoyed at its' file management!
For a version 7 it feels like it's very buggy for me...random unknown crashes all the time recently.

So, my observations (and/or bug reports, feature requests)

1. Series: It's great that you support series, it'd be even better if you supported series numbering. Some series have a specific reading order like The Expanse, Harry Potter, some Discworld.
Also most online lookups use brackets and an optional hash to denote series so it would be nice to be able to parse this as well as parse existing records.

2. Santising inputs: I seem to be getting a lot of crashes in the file manager related to either the filename or the db record, and narrowing it down is painstakingly hard to the point where I have to go thru' each file singularly :( as the error only pops up in a msgbox when just the offending file is selected. Aem crashes when it's in the middle of a group of files.

3. Normalising all data: So, strip full stops out of publisher, author names because I have duplicated authors where one record might be J.K. Rowling and another might be J. K. Rowling. Also I have a few publishers with a slash in the name so when it comes to renaming, the filesystem sees it as a subdirectory.

4. Improve communication between different functions: So at the moment if I want to rename and move titles, it takes two operations. First rename them, then move them. Either allow me to move+rename at the same time or at least update the file manager move tab if a rename operation is done. Likewise for if I'm editing a title and then decide to do a lookup - store the temporary edits so they don't get duplicated.
Likewise for filtering operations - have that refresh button actually refresh the records!

5. Improve filtering: Have the ability of combining filters, so if I want to search in a particular location for files without an ISBN then I have to pick the location, sort on the column, then move that column so that I can see it in the viewer pane.

6. Metadata browser/manipulation: Being able to remove authors/publishers/tags/genres that don't have any records should be easier. At the moment I'm using an external db browser and sql statements to get the job done!

7. Web Update: Have some way of retrieving bulk records for titles that don't have an isbn.

8. Multiple file formats: I have some records that have mismatched files marked as the same record (I blame calibre!) but there's no sane way of separating them out without having to rescan directories.

9. Multiple Libraries: In calibre I had a library for fact and a library for fiction. For factual books I like to order them on disk by publisher whereas for fiction I want to order by surname. As it stands this is impossible with aem as the options are program-wide, it'd be nice if these kinds of options were stored in the database for the specific library?

10. Default date: Can you change this from the db default of 1/1/1753 to null or something else that shows it has no valid date?

There are more observations but I'll remember them later!



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Martin, thank you for your ideas
We'll try to implement them in the next updates

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I was thinking if I was to change the database (by adding tables or columns) will aem remove them or doesn't it check?
(I've been contemplating writing a companion utility to handle bulk operations that I need while I'm still re-organising my old calibre libraries!)


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I have old ebooks whose original publication (paper) goes back, for example, to 1256 as "The Siete Partidas de Alfonso X". When I enter 1256/01/01 in the "Published" field, I get an error because it does not allow dates before the year 1753.

Can this be fixed?

Thanks in advance.

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Since I can't post new threads, I only can add a comment to this. Sorry to the original poster

Well, anyone knows why I have different sizes of thumbnails? I download the image from the same source, but I get different sizes. It's driving me crazy. I'd love to have all the books the same thumbnail size

Thanks in advance