OPDS server Bug & Feature request

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OPDS server Bug & Feature request


First the BUG:
The issue i have found regarding the OPDS server while trying to use it in various apps:
The "Next" link becomes broken after a certain page (e.g. page 2) so any app trying to access the next page will fail with a 404.
Example for "Years" section, NEXT link for page 2:
Should be: "/opds/bookyear/2017/p/2"
Actually is: "/opds/bookyear/2017/p/0/p/2"
The same happens for "Series" and maybe other secitons.

Feature request:
Please add an option for the OPDS server to start automatically when Alfa Ebooks Manager starts.
Would be even better if the OPDS server would run standalone as a Windows service

Best regards,

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Thanks, Daniel, we'll fix it and probably add autostart