Sorting Books by Author should be a Must

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Sorting Books by Author should be a Must

Started using AEM-Lite (registered May 18 2013) Issue with author of book-title

There are many nice features in the program. But....

There are a couple of things I stumbled upon that were disappointing...

- As one of the previous posters remarked, it is possible to sort by almost anything, exept by author. The reply was that this is not possible, because of possible multiple authors.

Being able to sort by author (in various views) is definitely a must for me to keep on using AEM. If there are multiple authors, why no possibility to use the name of the first author? Sorting by author (Surname, first name) should be one of the standard features in AEM in my opinion.

- When scanning for new books (several times in a row) on my pc during one session AEM crashes each time. When I restart the books have been added. All my .NET software is o.k. The problem keeps occurring.

- In the shelf-view I would like to see: author, book title and cover image. The latter two are shown, but again: no mentioning of the author. After exporting to html (pane-view and bookshelf view) the author is also missing (This can't be true!). Some of the cover-thumbs are too small to distinguish the author's name, so author's name shown is a must.

- After exporting the shelf-view to Adobe PDF, the shelf doesn't fit on the page (the panes are o.k.). The end of the page shows the title, then a black rectangle, and the cover image on the next page.

- The quality of the thumbs in the exported pane and shelf view is significantly less than in AEM.

- Why is it that from one author all of his titles can be found under his (one) name, and from another author the author's name is mentioned multiple times for several books? (while authors name is the same in metadata, but books added in multiple sessions).

The Netherlands

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Hi Willem, thanks for your suggestions, we'll consider them for the new version

For now you can use the Library Explorer pane - authors are sorted there, and clicking on each author you can view books by this author

If you have errors during scan, please try to scan your library by several parts and find the book that causes the error and send it to us. We'll provide you the fix