Splitting a database and moving books to a new folder

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Splitting a database and moving books to a new folder

I first used another book database but found it too limiting, then moved to AEM once I saw a magazine or on-line review.

Long ago, I split my single AEM database into separate fiction and non-fiction databases and manually moved the relevant files into a separate non-fiction folder a letter (or portion of one) at a time. Then, there were less than 2500 non-fiction books and it was achieved over a week or so. That would not be very practical with the number of books now held. The non-fiction database loads quickly and scans within a couple of minutes for new additions. For the number of books , the speed is quite acceptable.

Now, the fiction database has exceeded 20,000 files, loads quite slowly and needs unacceptably long (30-40 minutes on a good day) to scan the folder for new additions and that is obviously getting longer every time. What I plan to finally achieve is to split the current folder into thirds by author surname, for example A-H, I-R and S-Z with roughly equal quantities of about 7,000 books each, allowing for any future additions. While I know that AEM will move the books from one folder to another, I also want to have those books reflect either within three new databases or two new ones plus the original to reflect the new folders but without having to re-enter from scratch everything into the databases.

Is that possible?

I had seen a forum question about splitting a database but the program allows selection by genre, publisher and one other (I forget which) but not specifically by author. Is it possible to do that in a single procedure within AEM?

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Hi Andy,
You can create a new genre like "Split1", then assign this genre to needed books using Books -> Edit books
Then in the new database select books by this genre and import them

The genre can be quickly removed also by Books -> Edit books