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suggestions for new features

After using the software for a while (and putting it through the wringer and back) i have some sggestions for new features forthe next version. i wasnt sure where to post them at:

-"next" button on the book card that takes you to the next book in line
-an interface to pull from webdewey for those with a subscription
-an editable template for the web export, or a css guide to create one
-an scraper
-a plugin for synology and other nas systems, or a headless opds server to access local databases
-cover maker, for printing books. takes 2 selected page numbers and put them in a jpeg, with the selectable book data on the spine of the book.
-select paper weight for printing, and calculate the number of pages for book thickness based on paper style being used (coverstock thickness and page paper weight)

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Thank you for your ideas
We'll consider them for new versions