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unknown application error

there was a thread posted about this before but there was no resolution in the thread

when i try to add books,i get an error that book is null, and a Title is mandatory after scanning for books and clicking save. it is able to find the isbn number, and it is able to download the data, but its just giving errors.when i click close i get a screen full of errors.

after adding these and trying to save, i get more errors and the application exits without saving the database

turning off the scan options seems to get rid of most of the errors, but they still persist

files are being added from an external drive
OS: win 10


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Please send us to support@alfaebooks.com the file that gives this error

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I also get such an error screen, sometimes, not always, when I change view screen. When I close the error screen, it works ok.

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I had also posted this Unknown Application Error sometimes back, and the issue was not resolved back then. The error comes not on specific eBook files, but on random on different files everytime... the error goes away, once I close the eBook Manager and reopens it. Guess, I have to live with the error message.

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We can't resolve the issue, if we have no additional information.
Please either send us the file that causes error or try to catch, after what actions the error occurs