Updating title of an ePub file

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Updating title of an ePub file

I went into the book card and updated the book title but this is not reflected in the .epub. If I need to change the book title and be able to see the changed title in iBooks I need to open the book card, go to files and then edit the Metadata directly. This does not seem right to me that the change is not propagated to the actual .epub file.

Is it supposed to work like this?

Thanks, Mark.

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Mark, yes, it's supposed to work like this, because not everyone wants to edit file metadata every time he edits Book card

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Understood, Might be worth adding it as an option though as in sure I'm not the only that assumed changing details in the book card would propagate to the metadata of the file. The cover is an another example where you have to update the file manually after the card has been updated. My assumption is that users would want the same details reflected in the ebook reader as choice.

Thanks for the quick responses by the way, I'm just getting to know the app after moving from Calibre. Maybe I just need to adjust my way of thinking.

Thanks, Mark

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+1 for updating metadata in the file. This makes it so that the proper details are in correct in whatever ereader software we use.

I also wish there was a right-click, show file in windows explorer option.