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Upgrade 7.2

I downloaded the 7.0 version upgrade to 7.2 and it removed my license and would not open with trial expired message. There was no upgrade message that there would be an associated cost.

I tried checking online for most recent version and it brought me to page to purchase upgrade to 7.2 for $9.95. I just upgraded in August to 7.0 for $9.95, why am I being asked again to upgrade for $9.95

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Please contact support@alfaebooks.com and we'll resend you your license key

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I had the same problem as boajames1
I downloaded the upgrade version from my version 7 to 7.2
and my license of version 7 is gone
please send me my license key

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Same problem! I also e-mailed via the Support page.

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Same problem! Wrote an email to support too.


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Same problem.
Wrote an email to support

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I had the same problem. It had not happened with previous update