Version 6 Improvements

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Version 6 Improvements

I would like to suggest some improvements to the new Version 6.
This improvements are related to security and functionality as follows:
1. Since there is now a Web Interface to access the Library from the Lan/Web we should have the ability to create users and passwords to restrict access to the Library by anyone knowing your IP address. At the moment It leaves the door open to anyone messing up your Library.
2. The Web Server does not have a Windows Service start so your Library will not be accesible on the Lan/Web after a restart unless you manually start it. Having an option to start the Server as a Windows Service is a must in my opinion.

Looking forward to the implementation of these improvements in a near future.
Otherwise I am really happy with the program and the way it functions. Well done to the developers.

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Shariff thanks for your ideas!