A new version?

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A new version?

Hi. Are you working on the next version? Will it have exciting changes?
And more importantly. Will we have to pay again? :-)

Good work, your software is great

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I'm subscribing to those questions... :)

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Hi, we are working on the new version. For now we can't say if it will be free or paid update. As a rule we provide 75% discount for paid updates for existing users. Moreover you can skip the paid update if you want and wait for next free update

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That's nice. Personally I don't mind paying a bit for updates - as a way to support future development - but can you release something about the new features? Also about an estimated release date? Would it be useful/interesting for the development team to come up with suggestions (maybe it's too late...)?

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radubogoevici, next release is planned for this summer. and we are open for your ideas and suggestions

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OK, here it goes:

- when edit a book and trying to pick a tag from the collection already made by the user, the search box from the tags window should be focused by default
- similar with the genres - it's easier to type something directly in the search box to filter down the collection of tags or genres
- some crop functionality for covers - of course it can be done with another software but it would be much faster if done it AEM
- after deleting a book (with file) the collection of books is refreshed and you end up on the top of the collection instead of the row where you were. While I understand the reason for refresh the collection this can be annoying. But maybe you can return the user to the row number where the deleted book was
- in the past the app allowed books displayed in the "thumbnail view" mode to have different widths. now there is always a maximum to ensure that every row has the same number of books' would it be possible to provide an option for users to choose if he wants a specific number of books per row or a "free mode", mode that would not enforce a limit size for the book width

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Most urgent feature request: series number data field (with possibility to read/write into/from tags)


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Hi, any updates about a new version?

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Some other thoughts for the new version

  • For editing of the Metadata, I know I can use the built in editor, my question was more around having the data auto updated after using the Web Update. It seems that this feature only updates the db and not the ebup or mobi file
  • Multiple book update requires ISBN to be defined, I am looking for more of a standard Amazon search based on Title and possibly Author for each book. This is needed as the file parser seems to be miss about 90% of the ISBN numbers (at least for my collection it does). Note: The use case is when updating large number of books (think more than 1000)
  • An option to store the picture with the book file would seem to make a lot of sense rather than put it all in one folder (I have a NAS with all of my books and since Alfebooks doesn’t allow the db file to be stored on a NAS it means that all of my covers are on my local computer – something I’d like to avoid
  • Consider a x64 version to improve performance, memory, and size of db