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Alfa 5.5 features built-in ebook reader, new Web-integrations

Audio Book manager

Dear Friends!

We are happy to introduce you the new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager - 5.5. We fixed some bugs and added some new features that were most requested. This is FREE update, and you can get the download link here:

First of all we added built-in Ebook reader. Ok, mostly it would be used not for reading, but for viewing books on your desktop. It can open the following formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2 and comic books (CBR, CBZ). By the way, we added comic book support to Scan and other tools. To activate the internal reader - you need to set the appropriate checkbox in Settings.

Besides we have built some new Web-integration plug-ins:

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 5: OPDS Web Server, Multiple files per book, Audio Player

Audio Book managerDear users!
We are glad to introduce you the new version Alfa Ebooks Manager 5. In this release we fixed some bugs and added a bunch of new usefull features. Here is the list of them:

OPDS Web Server
From now you can access your library, browse, search, view and download your books via LAN or Wi-Fi from any computer or mobile device. You can use a browser or one of ereading apps that support OPDS standard.

Multiple files per book
Now you can link two or several ebook files to single book in the database. This is useful for books that have several parts, or copies in different formats, or audiobooks.

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