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Alfa is now compatible with Windows 8

Windows booksHi!
In October Microsoft will launch Windows 8. And we are happy to announce that we have rebuilt Alfa Ebooks Manager 3 to make it compatible with Windows 8. And you know what? It works much faster that on the older Windows versions.

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Alfa developers and users should be healthy

Dear friends!

We are constantly working to improve Alfa Ebooks Manager, but sometimes health problems don't allow us to be productive enough. That's why we have developed a simple health management software that helps us better take care of our health and improve our productivity.

Then we decided to share this software with our users, because we want you also to be healthier and more productive in your book management tasks. It's called GooPatient and you can download it for free here.

Special thanks to those Alfa users that helped to translate GooPatient to other languages!

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 3: Filter Builder and other 40 improvements

Audiobook organizerHello!
So here's why it took us so long to release a new version: we have done more than 40 improvements and fixes in Alfa 3. Here is the list of the main new features:

Filter Builder
Very easy and powerful tool to filter your book library by any condition

Full drag-n-drop support
Drag files to Alfa to add them to the database, drag books to Library Explorer items to add them to genres, tags, ratings, etc.

Autoscaling Thumb View
You don't need any more to adjust scale and number of columns - Alfa 3 does it automagically. We also added new Bookshelf views

Audiobooks support
Parse MP3 metadata, manage audible files

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Kindlian - book manager for Amazon Kindle

We are happy to introduce you our new product - Kindlian. It's a Windows-app for managing book and collections on Kindle. This short video shows how it works.

Bonus: all users that download Kindle will get a discount for Alfa Ebooks Manager Pro!

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.5: Cool new Library Explorer, Google Books integration and more...

Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.5Dear friends!

We are happy to introduce you the new version Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.5. It looks like a major update, but we decided to deliver it for FREE. Here is the list of the new features:

1. Completely rebuilt Library Explorer. It works like the MS Outlook sidebar: you can show or hide buttons, transform buttons into icons or vice versa. In the Authors pane you can now display authors without grouping - it looks very cool. Besides, right in the Library Explorer you can view the number of books (in each genre, series, etc), edit and delete items. The bonus is that the new Library Explorer works much faster.

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.4: Multilingual Interface, Dark Theme, MOBI support

book organizerGood day everyone!

We continue to improve Alfa Ebooks Manager without having a rest. Today we are launching the regular update - AEM 2.4. It's available for free for all AEM 2 users.

The new version provides the following new features:

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.3 - the first update

Hi there!
We have released the new minor update - AEM 2.3. It's available for free for all AEM 2.0 users

Though we were generally fixing issues that you have found in the version 2.0, we have also added some new (or for somebody - old) features, like Wall View, Drag-n-Drop support, etc. We have also optimized Scan, Parser and Import tools, so they now work faster and more reliable

Unfortunately we haven't realized much requested Dark theme, but it will also arrive soon

If you own 2.0 license and haven't received our Update notification, please contact

Thanks for your support!

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Can you believe it? Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.0 is available!

So why did it take us so long? Because back in 2010 we decided to fully rebuild the Alfa's platform in order to make it more fast, stable and extensible. Now we will be able to add new features more often (just give us the summer vacation :).

So, what's new in Alfa 2.0?

First of all it now requires .Net Framework 4.0, but not 3.5. So, if you don't have it - download and install it from here (it's free).

Second, we have changed the database format from MDB to SDF. So, you need to create a new SDF database and import your old MDB database to it (using File -> Import From-> Alfa Ebooks Manager Database). Here is the detailed guide.

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Alfa Ebooks Manager 2 preview

Hi, we are already on the finish line with the new version! And one of the great news about the new AEM is that it will provide the FREE version.

We decided to publish this FREE version a couple of days before the official release, so that you could test and give us some quick feedback. If you find a bug or have not-very-complicated feature request, please send it to

Here is the download link:

But before installing, please read the What's new list here:

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New Alfa Ebooks Manager video


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