Scan your computer for e-Books

ebook scanner

If you store e-Book files on your hard drive or external drive (DVD or SD/MMC card), you can use the Scan tool to import books to Alfa Ebooks Manager database automatically.

How it works:

1. Open the Scan tool in the Books menu
2. Select the folder where the files are stored and (if needed) check the "Scan sub-directories" option
3. Open Scan options. Select e-book extensions you want to find and what book data you want to retrieve from these files:

ebook scanner

4. Start scan. It may take some time before all ebook files will be found. You can press the Stop button to stop the scan.
5. Remove duplicates by file path, isbn, using the appropriate button.
6. Select neded files (Ctrl+A will select all) and press the Save button. This will create books in the database for the selected files and link these files to them.

Note: when scanning your computer for ebooks, you can at the same time retrieve ebook metadata and create book thumbnails (see details). You can also perform these operations later (after you save the ebooks to the database) using the File Parser.

Duplicates control

Sometimes, when a lot of news ebooks appear in your collection, you may need to import only the new files to your Alfa Ebooks Manager database. For this reason the Scan tool includes the duplicates control. To detect the files, that already exist in the database, you can select to search duplicates by:

- File Path
- ISBN (of course in this case you need to check the Retrieve ISBN box before scanning)
Duplicates are marked in the Scan list and you can remove them before saving ebooks to the database.


When scanning your library, Alfa creates cache (like a search engine), so when you rescan your library, the process goes very quickly. It means, that if you download some new ebooks, you can quickly rescan your library and add them to Alfa. Besides, if something occurred during scan and the process was interrupted, you'll be able to start from the breakpoint.

The cache is located here: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Alfa.NetSoft\Alfa eBooks Manager\Cache\

You can clear the cache using the appropriated button in the Scan window.